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Energized Parad ( Mercury ) Shivling

Weight - 60 gram  approx 

Height- 1.5  inch

Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is found in air ,soil or water. It exits in several forms : elemental or metallic mercury , inorganic mercury compounds & organic mercury compounds.

·       It is written in various puranas that a person who worship single Parad Shivlingam get equal benefit's to worship 108 other types of shivling .

·       Worship of Parad Shivaling is capable of giving instant Luck, wealth, position, name and fame.

·       The presence of Mercury Shivlinga in the House is itself a complete life. Shiva lingam is the holy symbol of union of Lord Shiva and Shakti .

·       Shivalingam is worshiped in homes and temples. At home it blesses with unity and harmony in the family and guides its devotees to spiritual path.

·       It is also written in various purana's that by worship of Parad Shivling regularly , Goddess Laxmi remains always in a house .

·        Parad Shivlingam is also said as " Manokamna Poorna Shivling